We’re Strong Together

A team of Pathfinder Infinite creators celebrating what people sticking up for their community and working together can accomplish.

Edicts – Uplift diverse voices and perspectives. Work together to create something more than the sum of its parts. Acknowledge and highlight differing skills and experiences. Be unafraid to learn, be fearless in admitting you can learn more.

Anathema – Withhold knowledge and experience willfully. Criticize in a purely destructive manner. Overextend yourself, commit without considering external factors in your life. Set a deadline without intention of flexibility.

Orcs Strong Together

24 pages of Orc and Community flavored options for Champions, Gunslingers, Oracles, Sorcerers, Summoners, plus scar tattoos, new weapons, and much more. Includes Foundry integration.

Artists: Conner Berkheiser, Micahdraws

New Orcs on the Block

Over 44 pages explore five mini adventures amid the Orc lumberjacks carving out their own union in Meravon. Will Kortos lumber industry be led by community? Or overtaken by arcane industrialization? Includes Foundry.

Artists: Micahdraws, Tithi Luadthong

Our Story

In early 2023 leaks revealed Wizards of the Coast would deauthorize the OGL.

January 12th Paizo, Kobold Press, Green Ronin, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, Roll for Combat, and others kicked off the efforts to establish an Open RPG Creative License, the ORC.

January 13th a team of 10 Pathfinder Infinite creators decided to come together celebrate orcs and community by pulling together the best of both to share back with the community just in time for Third Party Kon.

February 22nd we released Orcs Strong Together (soon to be followed by New Orcs on the Block)… and realized we weren’t done being strong Together. Thus kicking off the We’re Strong Together team.

We’re Strong Together
Arkon, Autumn Whisper, Avery Rae, Chris Handforth, Conner Berkheiser, Helen Savore, John Holmes, Kana Kuroko, MicahDraws, Sasha Laranoa Harving, W. Brian Lane